ANBC National Budgerigar Show 2024 - Live Results Feed

Welcome to the home of the ANBC National Show 2024 Live Results Feed!

Results feed for the 48th annual ANBC National Budgerigar Championships Show in Launceston, Tasmania
hosted by the Budgerigar Council of Tasmania

Welcome to the live results feed direct from Launceston

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Live Results & Video Feed from Launceston

ANBC National Show 2024 Judging is complete! Congratulations Victoria!

Click Here for the Final 2024 Scoresheet & Zone Placings
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We are back again in 2024 for our 14th year of bringing you all the ANBC National Show Results direct from Launceston in Tasmania!

On this site we will provide the following on the National 2024 weekend (25th & 26th of May):

  • Class by class results as the judging is completed for each class - both Saturday & Sunday.
  • Summary of Judges comments for each class throughout the day
  • Photos of the top 5 winning birds throughout the judging
  • At the completion of judging on both the Saturday and Sunday the daily score sheets
  • The show is being live streamed via video on YouTube this year - Subscribe Here:
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48th Annual ANBC Show
25th - 26th May 2024
Launceston, Tasmania

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2024 Final Zone Placings:

New South Wales552
South Queensland470
South Australia464
Nth & Central Queensland349
Western Australia289

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